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Insurance Specific to the Needs of Farmers and Ranchers

In addition to liability and property insurance policies needed by any business, farms and ranches require other forms of coverage specific to their industry. Contact Multi County Insurance Center to purchase or update insurance products for your operation.

Crop Insurance

Some farms make all or most of their profits through the crops that they raise. When disasters like tornados, wildfires, or floods occur and devastate the crops, crop insurance offers reimbursement for the loss.

Accurate representation of the planted acreage is vital for proper reimbursement. 

Livestock Insurance

Multifaceted livestock insurance offers many policy options. Farmers and ranchers can buy coverage for:
  • Specific activities like transit or auction market coverage
  • Certain animals like poultry or pasture and dairy cattle 
  • Mortality insurance for high-value animals like a prized bull

Farm Equipment Insurance

Protect the specialized equipment that makes your farm or ranch run efficiently with the proper insurance: 
  • Tractors 
  • Trailers
  • Combines
  • Irrigation equipment and more
Farm equipment

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Farms and ranches with employees should consider workers’ compensation coverage. Without it, farmers and ranchers are responsible for paying the medical expenses and lost wages of workers who are injured on the job.

Enjoy the Benefits of Insuring With Us

  • Access to multiple insurance companies and products
  • The best coverage at the best price
  • Face-to-face, professional service from an independent agent

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